The power behind cleaning
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The home of Allclean and The award winning LEMON TREE dispenser system.


 Allchem Ltds sister company has built a reputation as a leading manufacturer of chemical cleaning compounds and specialty chemicals. Our constant commitment to product innovation and development has put us at the forefront of chemical producers in  western Canada. The right mix of sales staff, production team and in-house chemical specialists working with our clients creates timely, cost-effective solutions for a more refined and superior line of products.

We also offer a comprehensive product development service to all customers and are noted for private label sales to distributors and wholesalers. Our qualified art department produces private labels from start to finish for a one-time set-up charge.

Our services include the capability to blend detergents based on customer requirements and we are able to produce solutions for the most complex circumstances. We also offer a full carpet & upholstery cleaning and maintenance service through our sister company ALLCLEAN and ALLCHEM is the home of  BIO FLOW Drain Maintenance System and  LEMON TREE clean and its award winning dispenser system.

We represents quality, service and competitive prices. Our superior products and technical support, combined with care for the environment, is the right mix for you.
Call now for all your latest Allclean prices and informations or simply go to our links and click the link to carpetcleaner4u to find out more about Allclean or if you would like to arrange for our sales representative to show you LEMON TREE clean thats recomended by the Health Protection Agency and The Department of Health and its award winning dispenser system that we promise can save your company up to £7000 a year.

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